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Air Canada issues Canada-wide travel alert due to possible job action

TORONTO, Ont. – Air Canada has issued a Canada-wide travel alert due to what appears to be pilots taking illegal job action.

A message on the airline’s website warns “airport disruptions” could disrupt flights across the country all day and into the weekend.

Earlier Friday, Air Canada confirmed to 1310News that it appears a “small number” of pilots were taking illegal job action and calling in sick.

The Air Canada Pilots Association has reportedly urged members to go to work as usual and disregard pilots who want colleagues to book off sick.

It has caused about 30 flight cancellations and delays so far across the country, although most are in Toronto and Montreal.

There are a handful of delays and cancellations at the Ottawa Airport. Click here for link to the website for a list of flight delays and cancellations.

The airline is working at adding extra flights and in some cases using larger planes to help stranded passengers get to their destinations.

Last month, baggage handlers and ground crew conducted a wildcat strike that caused mayhem.

The Air Canada pilots are a unionized group that has had its contract talks sent by the Harper government into binding arbitration.