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Confess or we will arrest you in public, police warn rioters

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – “If you come in voluntarily you can do so discreetly and at a time that is convenient for you. If you wait until we find you – and we will find you – we will arrest you in a public manner suitable to the public crimes you have committed.”

Those words are from Vancouver Police Chief Jim Chu, who’s warning rioters they could be arrested at work, at home or at any public place if they don’t turn themselves in.

SFU Criminologist Dr. Rob Gordon says the tactic should lead to a lot of rioters coming forward.
“Either that or they’re going to be fleeing the jurisdiction at a tremendous rate.”

That’s because of the public outrage that’s followed Wednesday’s riot. He says pressure from peers and family will likely go farther in getting people to confess.

“Somehow I think it’s more the peer pressure from individuals and pressure from families now that their faces are up on the internet.”

Gordon adds those who have admitted to taking part in rioting are saving taxpayer money by reducing the size of the police investigation.

More than a thousand personal facebook pages have been linked to the VPD, along with hundreds of photos and videos. 117 arrests have been made by the VPD so far, but only eight charges have been laid.