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Restrictions on air travel will be relaxed a bit

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Transport Canada has decided to ease some carry on rules to reduce some hassles at the airport.

That means you will once again be able to take those tweezers, nail clippers, or small scissors on an airplane.

“There are some things that I just find so silly that they will take off you,” says Claire Newell with Jubilee Travel. She says she’s pleased with the latest change.

Newell also says new lines for families and frequent travellers pre-approved under the Nexus card program are an excellent idea because it can be a hassle to be stuck behind a family in the queue.

“They have to take their kids out of strollers or a harness that might be going around their body. Or helping their kids understand walking through the actual screening… it’s nice to know they are looking at putting in a family line,” she says.

As for liquid and gel restrictions, Newell can’t see them going away any time soon.