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Alberta Education uncovers cheat ring for Math 30 test

Alberta Education officials believe an adult student from Calgary emailed details of the Math 30 test to students in Edmonton. 

The Pure Math 30 test is kept under wraps, like all diploma exams, until moments before the tests.   Even the teachers don’t know the questions.  

However, exceptions are made for the 30 to 50 students who are out of the province for family emergencies or sports competitions.

The Calgary Herald reports the woman, overseas at the time, gave false information as to where she was going to take the test.  After receiving it a couple of days before the exam, the document was apparently scanned and e-mailed to friends back in Alberta.  

The whole thing might have gone unnoticed if it weren’t for one student who asked his Edmonton teacher how to complete a specific question.  While flipping through the exam the next day, the teacher noticed the exact same question.