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Help starting to arrive for Haiti quake survivors

Help is on the way.

That’s the message to the world as financial aid and medicine begins to arrive in Haiti.

The Red Cross says the death toll there, could reach 55,000.

Aid agencies say Canadians are donating so generously, their Internet servers are periodically crashing.

A massive Chinese cargo plane touched down in Port-au-Prince earlier today.

A Canadian Military plane loaded with supplies and two Canadian Navy vessels have also landed.

Most survivors of Tuesday’s killer quake spent a second night sleeping on the street, some in cardboard boxes.

Water is in very short supply, as is food and medical supplies and there is also no electricity.

Haitians continue to use their bare hands clearing the debris.

U.S. president Barack Obama says the American military has secured the airport in Haiti as relief flights start to arrive.

The President of Haiti is among the homeless. He tells CNN both his house and palace were destroyed in the quake and he is now sleeping at the airport.